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APPLE – LEAF Appelblaar Mphata This is a semi deciduous tree up to 12m tall with a rounded crown. The bark on young branches is smooth and grey and covered with dense hairs The bark flakes as it gets older. The leaves are glossy above and grey below with prominent midribs. The leaf stalk is

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PEPPERBARK TREE Peperbasboom Molaka           This is a large – up to 20m tall, evergreen tree with a dense canopy. The bark is grey and smooth on young branches but slightly rough and knobbly with corky lenticels on older branches. The leaves have a glossy upper surface with a prominent midrib below. The

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AFRICAN TEAK Kiaat – Afrikaans Moroto – Northern Sotho Most white people in South Africa know this tree as the Kiaat and what a wonderful and distinctive tree it is. It is deciduous and can grow up to 30m tall. On mature trees the bark is rough, fissured and dark grey in colour. The flowers are

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MARULA Almost everybody knows or has heard of the Marula Tree. Many of us have enjoyed its fruit in the form of Amarula the delightful and popular beverage. This tree is deciduous and can grow to18m in height with a large spreading crown. The leaves are crowned near the ends of the branches. The bark

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Pod Mahogany

Pod Mahogany Afzelia quanzensis iNehli This is a beautiful, large (up to 20m in height) deciduous tree with a wide, dense spreading crown. The bark is creamy brown and flakes in irregular thin sections. The leaves are compound (up to 7 pairs) and droop. They have smooth wavy margins and are glossy green when mature.

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Bushveld Saffron

Bushveld Saffron Bosveld Saffraan / elaeodendron transvaalense Ximapana    This is a delicate looking medium sized tree with no thorns. It grows approximately 7m high and enjoys bushveld and wooded hillsides. The stem is grey and the bark is deeply fissured (longitudinally). The leaves are elliptic and tend to grow in clusters. The flowers are small,

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BUSHMAN’S TEA  – Catha Edulis  (MOZ014  LVW4)  Boesmanstee, Mohlatse An evergreen tree growing up to 25m tall. It resembles a blue gum tree with slender and upright canopy. There is no great difference between sapwood and heartwood – moderately heavy, hard and strong Flowers from April to June Fruit arrives from June to August Its habitat

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MATUMI –  (Photo Code – klipkoppie041, LVW) Mingerhout, Mohlome A majestic evergreen tree, which can grow up to 30m in height, lives predominantly in riverine forests and along banks of permanent rivers Its wood, which is very heavy and hard, is used for furniture, boats, floors and construction work. It was used for railway sleepers

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BAOBAB       A massive tree growing up to 20m tall. A round spreading crown with a stout trunk, bottle shaped and tending to be squat and up to 12m in diameter. Flowering time is from October to December and fruiting time from April to May The economic value of this tree is impressive. It provides

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TAKE SERIOUS TREES SERIOUSLY I have often wondered why the plea ” HUG A TREE ” came about. After all nobody has suggested that one should hug a carrot or a rhododendron. So what’s so important about trees  to make them worthy of a hug ? Being an educated adult I assumed I knew why

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